About MC  

       Maharaja Ceramics™ represents 2 Decades of expertise in Ceramic and Porcelain Tile. MC  Tiles are a by word for first-class intelligence in the Floor and Wall. With sustainable technologies, exquisite quality and innovative design the leading Indian Tile Manufacturer has made a name for itself across internationally.

       MC   belongs to the amoha Group® since 1996 and is a brand of Maharaja Ceramics Pvt. Ltd, Morbi, Gujarat, India and domiciled with its Head Office in Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu, India, Corporate office – Middle East, Asia Pacific & Europe in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Regional Office – Middle East in Sharjah, UAE & Saudi Arabia (KSA) and its Fully Automated Nano Technology Production Plant in Morbi, Gujarat, India. From here, MC  caters its Discerning Domestic & International Customers with its Quality Tiles.

CMD's Message

          It is my pleasure to welcome you to the MC  Maharaja Ceramics™,
amoha Group®, from a modest beginning 2 Decades ago, the group has today made a significant mark on the Indian Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles, producing high quality and a wide range of Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles.
       In reaching this position we have set up one of the most extensive integrated production facilities. Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles are our inspiration and we are committed to world-class manufacturing through Designs, Quality Systems and sustained R&D. It is an ongoing process to provide beyond the expectations of our customers needs.
        MC   Maharaja Ceramics™ Pvt. Ltd was envisioned as an organization which would not only go on to become an Exemplary Tile Producer in the Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles industry, but also accomplish cult status for itself. This vision has been realized after almost two decades worth of sustained efforts in maintaining a standard which is unchallenged and world class. Along with adhering to stringent policies regarding quality in operational areas, the company has emphasized on the importance of constant Design & Technological up gradations to survive against obstacles in the way of its success. The outcome has been translated into the satisfaction of our Business Partners, Customers and Society. This fulfills the mission of MC Maharaja Ceramics™ which envisages upholding the trust thatBusiness Partners, Customers and Societyplace in the company.
       As a group, our strategies revolve around People, Customers, Technology, Quality, Innovation and Efficiency. These, we believe, will lead to exceptional quality products for our customers consistent and improved profitability for the company, and continued creation of long term value for our Business Partners.
       Business is a never-ending journey. I am privileged to be on this journey surrounded by our Talented Employees, Loyal Customers and Committed Business Partners which makes a Team. I am grateful for the support of our People and Business Associates. I thank you all for your faith in MC  Maharaja Ceramics™, amoha Group®.

Yours faithfully,

Khiler Valiyakath Saithalavi
Chief Managing Director

Our Team

       We believe that great talent will do great work, so we invest in people and give them the opportunity to shine. It’s our guiding philosophy, our promise, and our business model. We:
• Craft provocative experiences.
• Push beyond the comfort zone.
• Take risks to move things forward.
• Create work that others point to and think “I wish I’d done that.”
• Stay away from cookie-cutter solutions, because one size rarely fits all.
       From idea to design, production to supply, collaboration is (and always has been) part of our DNA. By incorporating the talents of our clients and our team, we’re able to produce work that is functional yet elegant. We brought together smart, talented thinkers and unleashed their combined creativity to produceextraordinary product for our customers with extraordinary results. We firmly believe that the best work comes from the best people. That’s the thing. They’re our people. They provide the method to our madness. And their passion and creativity don’t start or stop at our front door. With that kind of energy, we don’t do the “lone wolf” thing. Strategy, technology, creativity and tactics all live together. Teamwork is the only way we work.

Bussiness Partners

       The demands of our selected clientele set the bar for our own standards. When it comes to quality, flexibility and innovation, we place the same demands on our Business Partners. In staying true to our lean management concept, we keep the procurement process as lean as possible. We ensure the economical use of natural resources and always focus on the requirements of our customers. As a result, we limit ourselves to a select few, high-quality business partners with whose collaboration we have forged a supply chain who knows exactly what they need and when . We cultivate long-term close relationships and integrate our business partners into the product development early on. This allows their capabilities to keep up with our stringent, regular quality controls. Please feel free to contact us about working together. Our efficient team will be happy to help you.